Gifts for KJ Charles fans



Inspired by the KJ Charles Facebook Chat group and my need to buy my sister a Christmas present,
I created a gift guide for the ardent KJ Charles fan!

Charm of Magpies series:




Magpie with Ring Bookmarks – $5.99 for three

The magpies on these bookmarks carry rings.  Perhaps they represent magpies’ need to grab anything shiny.  Perhaps they represent a different kind of magpie ring.




Magpie Socks – $11.00

Thanks to the chatters from the KJ Charles Chat group
for finding these adorable socks!



Magpie Feather Earrings – $15.27

These lovely earrings on Etsy are made from real magpie feathers and are cruelty-free.
No magpies were harmed in the making of these earrings!


Magpie Vase – $929
This magpie-adorned vase looks like something
that Crane might have picked up during his time in China.
Perhaps it would join the other magpie-ish objects at Piper?
It’s definitely priced at Crane’s level, rather than Stephen’s.



Society of Gentleman series:

Frankenstein, by Mary Wollestonecraft Shelley $0.00

Check out some of Silas and Dominic’s fantastic reading material for free!

Is it about “the overreaching man” who “dares to play God and pays a terrible price”, as Dominic suggests? Or is it that “he’s responsible for something that should be…great and strong, something that he owes a duty to”*, which he then screws up royally?

*Quotes are from KJ Charles’ A Seditious Affair, book two of the Society of Gentleman series.



Zero Fox Given Mug – $15.95

Thanks for the suggestion, Jini!

This mug suits Foxy David Cyprian to a tea.
Get it? Tea?



Songs of Innocence and Experience, by William Blake – $0.99

Thanks for the suggestion, Meredith!







  “Got Puce?” Decal – $4.99

Thanks to Sarah!


Think of England:



Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine – $25.75

It’s probably not the same exact type Daniel would use,
but it’s still Brilliantine!





The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal:

Butterfly Scarf


Butterfly Scarf – $9.99

A lovely silk scarf adorned with butterflies.
No, it shouldn’t feel like it’s smothering you.
Why do you ask?






Mugs, T-shirts, Phone Cases, Bags, and More! – Prices vary  You can get KJ Charles’ characters printed on a variety of items. Designs are by the talented Mila May and Catherine Dair.


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